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Welcome to Woodlands Equine Services Limited.

We are an equine veterinary practice established in 2006 by Trevor Sainty M.R.C.V.S. and Peter Thurlow M.R.C.V.S. We treat all types of horses and ponies including racehorses and broodmares. The practice aims are to provide first class medical and surgical treatment for our client’s horses.

We have a well equipped clinic and surgery unit as well as excellent portable equipment for radiography (X-Ray) and ultrasound (scans) for use away from the practice at client’s homes and stables. We cover a wide geographic area throughout Berkshire, Hampshire Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Cotswolds and Gloucestershire, Somerset and into South Wales.

Peter Thurlow and Trevor Sainty are both well known veterinary surgeons who have worked in the area for over ten years, the practice has been established to provide top class veterinary care at affordable fees.
 The practice welcomes all new clients both for call out and at the clinic.

PeterThurlow is a graduate of Edinburgh University and has worked in equine practice since 1992. Peter has worked in the West Country, Saudi Arabia and Berkshire. Peter’s interests are in medicine, imaging (ultrasound and radiology), lameness and racehorse practice.

Trevor Sainty is a graduate  of Liverpool University and has worked in equine practice since 1981. Trevor is a former partner of Troytown Hospital in Kildare, Republic of Ireland where he was the main surgeon until 1997 when he returned to the UK and has been in practice in Berkshire from that time, apart from surgery Trevor’s other main interest is in studfarm medicine and  racehorse  practice.